Modificación IC-7600
Apertura en RX y TX

Aunque dispongo de las instrucciones de para hacer ésta modificación, he encontrado en la red éstas que dicen como hacerlo más detalladamente.


IC-7600 - Extended TX

Remove top and bottom covers and the handle.

Remove the 4 screws (2 on each side) holding front panel at the main chassis.

Remove the 4 connectors to the main unit carefully.

Remove the metal cover upon the logic unit (5 screws).

WARNING: The diodes are not in the correct order (1-9) like in the IC-7700/7800 !!!

You will find the diodes at the right corner of the circuit board near the processor chip and VFO-knob.


Left Right >>PCB-End
IMS0 D68 RT50 D59 TXF0 -->remove
IMS1 D67 DLTX D58 TXF1 -->remove
IMS2 D66 MTON D57 TXF2 -->remove
IMS4 D64 -EMER D55 RXF0  
IMS3 D65 -KANA D56 TXF3 -->remove
IMS7 D61 + D52 RXF3  
IMS6 D62 + D53 RXF2  
IMS8 D60 + D51 TFRA  
IMS5 D63 PAL D54 RXF1  

In the EU-Version all Diodes except D64 and D65 are fitted.

> For full TX-Coverage remove D56, D57, D58 and D59.

> For full RX-Coverage remove D52, D53, D54 and D55.

D51 must be always mounted.

No reset is necessary.

Have fun!

Before you do anything, please read this.!

The modifications are not verified and tested, so if you try some of the article on your own equipment, it's on your own risk.
Performing modifications of some equipment may be a violation of local laws. If you have any doubts, do not perform the modification.


73, Packo EA3GLB